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We have gathered a huge collection of world-class top games. We also want to congratulate you and offer a discount on each game.

Play now and have fun!

Puzzle Games
Puzzle Express Puzzle Game Puzzle Express - 10% off!
Place colorful pieces to reveal beautiful pictures!
Mad Caps Puzzle Game Mad Caps - 10% off!
Let Mad Caps quench your thirst for fun!
Chainz Puzzle Game Chainz - 10% off!
Un-chain your brain with CHAINZ!
The Walls of Jericho Puzzle Game The Walls of Jericho - 10% off!
Bring down the Walls of Jericho!
Seasons Puzzle Game Seasons - 20% off!
Super puzzle that everybody loves! Will you?

Logic Games
Edges Logic Game Edges - 20% off!
Amazing logic game for those who prefer to think before clicking
Arcade Lines Logic Game Arcade Lines - 10% off!
Align colored pieces and score combos in this fun, highly addictive logic game.
Arcade Games
Zuma Deluxe Game Zuma Deluxe - 5% off!
Control the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma!
NevoSoft Zzed Game Zzed - 10% off!
Addictive puzzler-shooter with a space twist.
Cubes Invasion Tetris Game Cubes Invasion - 20% off!
Are you smart enough to stand the invasion of crazied cubes?
Magic Ball arcanoid game Magic Ball - 20% off!
Breakout style action in full 3D.
Diamond Drop Arcade Game Diamond Drop - 20% off!
Diamonds are Forever!
Flyonoid Arcade Game Flyonoid - 20% off!
Get ready for a mission in space to free the flies!

Word Games
Flip Words Word Game Flip Words - 10% off!
Super fun hybrid word puzzle!
Bookworm Deluxe Word Game Bookworm Deluxe - 5% off!
Link letters and create words to feed the hungry, hungry Bookworm!

Card Games
Pretty Good Solitaire Card Game Pretty Good Solitaire - 10% off!
Play 600 solitaire games and solitaire quests
GameHouse Solitaire Card Game Five Card Deluxe - 10% off!
Solitaire and poker together again!

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