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Top Puzzle Games

Rainbow Web Puzzle Game Rainbow Web
Take a Trip to the Kingdom of Rainbow!
Jewel Quest Puzzle Game Jewel Quest
Uncover the ancient Mayan treasures!
Big Kahuna Reef Puzzle Game Big Kahuna Reef
Stunning match-game of adventure!
Incadia Puzzle Game Incadia
Immerse yourself into the lush Incadia graphics and tribal sounds.
Mad Caps Puzzle Game Mad Caps
Let Mad Caps quench your thirst for fun!
Chainz Puzzle Game Chainz
Un-chain your brain with CHAINZ!
Super Collapse II Puzzle Game Super Collapse II
Super popular action puzzle game!
Bounce Out Blitz Puzzle Game Bounce Out Blitz
A fresh take on a classic. 3 new modes!
Adventure Inlay Puzzle Game Adventure Inlay
Take the adventure of a lifetime!
Magic Inlay Puzzle Game Magic Inlay
Jewel arranging fun in a mystical fantasy world.
Puzzle Inlay Puzzle Game Puzzle Inlay
Create beautiful tangrams!
Puzzle Express Puzzle Game Puzzle Express
Place colorful pieces to reveal beautiful pictures!
Shape Shifter Puzzle Game Shape Shifter
Shape matching mayhem! Don't run out of time!
The Walls of Jericho Puzzle Game The Walls of Jericho
Bring down the Walls of Jericho!
Bounce Out Puzzle Game Bounce Out
Where the bounce began! Classic puzzle action!
Seasons Puzzle Game Seasons
Super puzzle that everybody loves! Will you?

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