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Edges Logic Game

Challenge your wits with our fresh puzzle game - Edges!
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In this totally new logic game you must make intricate combinations of matching chips by moving your own chips on the gameboard and grouping them with extra chips appearing after each move.

Edges logic game: Puzzle game Edges logic game: How to Play Edges logic game: Logic game Edges logic game: Logo Click thumbnails to see a full-size screen shot.

Once you made a line, chips explode and you score. Note! 3 extra chips appear on the gameboard unless your move finishes in an explosion, so you will need to put on your thinking cap to figure out how to use extra chips to your advantage. The game is over when the gameboard is filled up with chips.

The game features Easy, Normal and Hard modes:

  • Easy mode is for beginners who want to get a hint about the color and position of 3 extra chips-to-appear.
  • Normal mode is great for experienced gamers. They get a hint only about the position of 3 chips-to-appear.
  • Hard mode is for puzzle virtuosos who prefer playing the game as it without being guided by anybody.

With Edges there is no need to hurry, there isn't much tension. Relax and enjoy a quiet intellectual challenge at your own pace.

Beware! Playing Edges is highly addictive!


Totally new and highly addictive gameplay
Easy, Normal and Hard Difficulty Modes
Clear, eye-pleasing graphics
Full-screen display available
Cool sound effects and music
Easy-to-learn interactive tutorial
High Score save

System Requirements

Pentium 200 MHz or better
Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP
DirectX 6.0 or better
5 Mb free hard drive space

Enjoy Edges, an absolutely new experience for real puzzle experts! offers you a special discount on this game

We are glad to see you at our site and would like to offer you a special discount on this game!

Buy full version with discount now!
Only $11.96 ($14.95)

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